First post, so what to expect: Mainly write ups of things I learn and do when trying to figure out technical and sometimes not so technical stuff.

During the day I'm working on assignments for clients, mainly consultancy and architectural work in the broadest sense from technical to business and organizational change. Next to this I help my colleagues make sense of a rapidly changing technical landscape, with which I somehow/somewhat keep up. Learning by doing, experimenting, but also using resource like O'Reilly Safari Books-online. For testing I reuse a ton of tutorials and I'm an avid Google Cloud user, thanks to their generous free tier and sign-up budget.

The coming weeks my write ups will concern a hands-on CI/CD tutorial I created in my spare time, some demos I refined, demonstrating tools like Istio, Spinnaker, maybe even non Kubernetes tools (e.g. Nomad). Topping it of with some write ups on how I understand the landscape of Microservices, BFF, Integration, API's, LowCode, Serverless and Domain Driven, as I need to get more fluent in explaining this to others.    

This blog will be filled with my personal experiences and hold no reference to my employers and clients (future and past), if I do mention organizations I will always reference the source of the public available information, on which I base anything I write here. Also I have strong opinions on some vendors, however they are not the opinions of my employer or clients. This is a strictly personal testing ground of ideas, opinions and technical write-ups. I do encourage a public debate, but as this is my platform, I will always have the last say in publishing a counter statement. If you do not like that then I suggest you do not read my blog, as it is my platform and they are my opinions..