20/20 vision..

Just a placeholder for developing ideas and insights, curating the web and testing statements below:

  1. Organizations: Matrix organization, while adopting e.g. tribes and scrum based teams, PO vs projects vs line organization etc. (lessons learned), difficulties forming diverse and multi faceted teams.
  2. Technology: More mature, but also less open, big tech (money) is less inclusive towards startups and open source as it might look at first glance.
  3. Technology: Adopting is hard, but making it work is even harder.. Lots of energy drain in tool discussions, especially when it's still slide-ware. This time could be better spent by implementing and field testing, instead of talking about benefits and fictional business cases.
  4. Technology: Specialized orchestration is interesting, but measure the outcome in time spent on vs actually having it work for you. I do like how the specialized engines use the more generic tools in a way which abstracts the automated parts away.
  5. Technology and Organization: Abstractions, abstractions, abstractions... what are you responsible for, how do you deliver and how do you evolve and even thrive in more collaborative way.
  6. Technology and Society: How to adopt and learn, how to make use of, how to experiment. The entry level (financially) is getting lower as components are more democratized, although real hardware development is still hard, adopting components, experimenting with them and commissioning is getting more open and inclusive.